Saturday, August 03, 2013

A visit to... Ardbeg

I visited Ardbeg three times: the first, the last and the only time. I was really looking forward to go there... I love the whisky but the distillery itself is just a rip-off.

The tour was interesting, well organized. The tasting in a small room, overcrowded. Ok, it was an experience.

Let's have a seat in the famous Ardbeg Cafe and eat something before going to Laphroaig. Oh sorry... no space left for people who made a tour and a tasting. Stand in line, make a reservation and wait until a desk is free. I think the philosophy is: the cafe has to be booked out, who cares if they just come for lunch or made a tour and already spent some money there etc.

I heard great stories before but it seems those time have gone... maybe one of those for the history books... once upon a time...

The Kilns of Ardbeg

Rusty, the distillery dog

The mill

Mash tuns

The still room

Spirit receiver

Bottling hall