Sunday, September 29, 2013

Useful tools

Cutting a cigar is needed before you can smoke it... but how to cut? Using a guillotine, single or double blade... puncher... scissors... it seems to be some kinda philosophy.. let's shed some light on it.

The first type of cuts I wanna introduce to you is the V-cut. Those cutters cut a wedge into the cigar cap rather than completely removing it, creating a clean-looking gash. They're not very common nowadays and in most cases you can see those kinda cuts at cheap machine-made cigars which already have a cut when you buy them.


Punch cut
This cut is preferred by some, as it exposes less of the filler and binder and reduces the chance of tobacco ending up in the mouth. Critics of this cut maintain that the smaller hole does not allow as much smoke to come out and the hole is often clogged with a saliva and tobacco buildup.

Puncher (can be attached to the keyring)

Straight cut
The straight cut is the most common, usually used on cigars with a smaller ring gauge. This cut uses a quick straight cut causing both ends of the cigar to be exposed. The double blade guillotine is preferred by many aficionados over the single blade, because it usually makes a cleaner cut. Cigar scissors are also used to make straight cuts, and may be the best choice for cutting the cigar with exactness. However, the guillotines are usually the most practical, the least expensive, and can be easily and safely carried in shirt or trouser pockets. Most prefer this cut because the entire cap end is exposed allowing for maximum smoke to exit with only minimum buildup occurring around the edge.

Swiss Army knife with cigar scissors

Small scissors

Double blade cutter

I asked the people what kinda cut the prefer, here are some of the answers:
  • “Double bladed guillotine, just on the tip, turning the cigar, cutting only the cap off, no extra tobacco.“
  • “Guillotine about 90% of the time, punch when I have one around.”
  • “Used a punch for years, guillotine for torps. Am currently liking a "V" cut - Xikar's VX cutter is pretty neat.”
  • “Using a guillotine to cut of the cap.”
  • “Sometimes so, sometimes so ;-)“
  • “I normally go 4 a straight cut using my faithful Palio cutter... Sometimes punch sublimes. I also tilt cut pyramids sometimes.”

Even though this tool is no cutter, I wanna show it to you anyhow... it's very useful if you wanna open a box which is hard to open... sometimes the nail is rusty etc.

Habanos hammer / box opener

And, of course, the last tool... no smoking pleasure without a lighter...

St. Dupont lighter