Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Partagas Serie P No. 2 2005

General impression:
Colorado-colored wrapper, fine and silky with a little oily touch.... firm rolled, but that shouldn't be a problem....

A distinct odor of leather and earthiness comes to the nose.... it promises to be a strong smoke after an opulent dinner.

First Third:
After firing up and cutting the first puffs come along with very impressive notes of leather, underlaid by some bitter sweetness like coming from a very dark chocolate (90 % and more). There is also some kinda strange taste, something like conifer wood and resin. It came up from a sudden and disappeared in the same way.... but it was surprising for me, never had it before.

Second third:
The cigar is getting more creamy, but leather, bitter chocolate and some earthiness are still there... some woody components come up and it becomes an interesting interaction between the different flavors. The cigar itself is getting a bit stronger now.

Last third:
All the sweetness fainted away... strong woody notes, again a decent bitterness (but not unpleasant), a bitterness which brings along flavors of walnut.... It gets stronger at the end but nevertheless I could smoke it down to nearly a half inch.

The cigar had a nice development over the smoking time of two hours, gets stronger inch by inch.... The ash was very firm, color was a dark grey. Lemme say: thumbs up for a good smoke.