Monday, September 09, 2013


As you know I love good food and the cooking of it...

I'd to find out that it's not so easy to make the "perfect ribs" due to this I did a lot of trials to make the ribs perfect in terms of my personal taste. I like them with a wet glazing in the end (Tanja prefers dry ribs). The glazing shouldn't be to sweet. The meat should have some bite to it, not the overcooked stuff you get at many places... making experiments with different kind of rubs... just one rub... two different rubs to create different layers of flavor... there are many variables which influence the result... so it needs time and several meals to find the optimum...

I prepare now 3 different kind of ribs:
  • Babyback Ribs
  • St. Louis Cut Spareribs
  • Beef Short Ribs

Babyback Ribs are sold as Spareribs over here in Europe, nobody's familiar to the term "Babybacks"...  I learnt this lesson too and after a while and some searching in the internet I found the correct term for the St. Louis Style Cut Sapreribs here in Switzerland which made me able to get that stuff from the butcher. You need to tell your butcher exactly what you want (and you have to know how it's named here), then you'll get it...

Beef Shortribs are also available on request, it seems that there's no general demand for it...

As I mentioned before it's a long journey to find the best way to prepare all of those different kinds because they all need different cooking times etc.

Now I'm able to get a consistent result of cooking when I prepare those ribs (so it's no longer a risk to prepare them for guests)... here are a few shots of some slabs....
  • Babyback Ribs
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A nice slab of Babyback ribs

Clean bones and the meat firm to the bite

Apple Kiss Babyback Ribs

Apple Kiss Babyback Ribs

Apple Kiss Babyback Ribs

A whole lot of Babyback Ribs

  • St. Louis Cut Spareribs
 A slab of St. Louis Cut ribs - cut into 2 parts, one´ll be wet the other one´ll be dry

  • Beef Shortribs
Beef short ribs

Glazed beef short ribs