Saturday, November 23, 2013

10/26 - Habanos Catador, Day 2

After a short night we met again around 9 am in front of the hotel where we stayed. I was early enough to fire up a Diplomaticos No. 4 from the late 80s, a perfect cigar to start this day.

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Diplomaticos No. 4 from the late 80s

In the lounge we'd a quick breakfast, then Tom started with the official program of the day... background infos about many cigar related stuff, we tried to find out the age of different (old) cigar boxes and had a lot of interesting discussions... To give us all an impression of some old and crusty cigars - and to show that machine made cigars can be excellent too - he handed out a Cabanas Chiquito to all of us that we smoked immediately. If I remember correctly it was from the late 80s, maybe early 90s... but great to smoke anyhow! Thx again, Tom!

LGC MdO No. 2 from 1995

The nub of an excellent smoke

Cabana Chiquitos

After a short lunch break Ralf took over to continue with some "sensorical lessons"... sounds boring but it outstanding... first of all he handed out a Partagas Churchill de Luxe from 1999 - dark and oily with a nice and intensive smell.... Additionally we started to go through a sensorical kit with many different smells while we enjoyed this fantastic cigar. Many smells were easy to recognize, many really hard and many others were big surprises... all in all a very educational afternoon!

Partagas Churchill de Luxe from 1999

Partagas Churchill de Luxe from 1999

Aroma kit

Time flew like crazy and it was time for dinner, due to the fact that we'd a reservation in a restaurant we'd to leave the lounge for a little while... and it was worth it: we'd some terrific food: game - venison to be precisely -  because it was exactly the time of the year for that.

Outstanding dinner with fresh venison

Back in the lounge another highlight waited for us: the final tasting of this event, a Romeo Julieta Robusto Edicion Limitada 2001. We all filled out the tasting sheets while enjoying the smoke, you can find the detailed tasting notes on under the following link:

But this was still not enough, an awesome brandy tasting followed... good stuff even though I decided in the end to stuck to my beloved Single Malts but it's a nice and interesting change...

Romeo y Julieta Robusto EL 2001

Romeo y Julieta Robusto EL 2001

The range for the Brandy tasting

Montecristo "C" EL 2003 and Glenfarclas

The evening ended late in the night and unfortunately I'd to leave early in the morning because we'd to drive to Frankfurt from where we'd to leave to the direction of Punta Cana for our 2 week vacation... but that's another story...

Thx for the organization of this great event, it's different than the ones we'd before but it's outstanding!