Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 in pictures

It's time to sum up another year with some nice pictures... many good memories are connected to those. As always it's really hard to reduce all the pix of one month down to one... a click on the picture'll bring you to the corresponding report...

  • January
The Big 4

  • February
Riettüfel Triber in Altstatten

  • March
It's all about humidity

  • April
Cuban night at Castle Brunnegg, Kreuzlingen

  • May
A trip to Scotland - warehouse tasting at Bruichladdich

  • June
A weekend getaway - Valle Verzasca, Ponte dei Salti

  • July
The Four Smoker - 2nd Feltedhat Tasting

  • August
A smoky weekend with many friends

  • September

  • October
Anniversary whisky tasting - Liquid Pearls of Islay

  • November
Everything's excellente!

  • December
Christchurch - a visit to the Garden City