Wednesday, January 29, 2014

01/25 - Birthday in the mountains

After the big party at last year's birthday I decided to spent a calm and relaxed weekend with Tanja in Samnaun. Just some time for us, smoking some good cigars, having some good food and a relaxing time.

The choice of cigars was simple... and I decided for the following:
  • Montecristo No. 4 Dunhill Selection from the 70s
  • Festival 2000 Marevas
  • Che Robusto

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The birthday smoke selection

We left on early Saturday morning and arrived after a 2 hours ride in the duty-free area of Samnaun. First stop, as always: Acla da Fans. I already made a reservation for a bottle of whisky in advance... the Bowmore 23yo., bottled by The Whisky Agency in cooperation with Three Rivers, Tokyo. This whisky recently got a rating of 89 points at and I have to agree with Serge on his comments, a very good whisky. The second bottle I took with me was the Longrow Peated. I tried it at the tasting in the Cadenheads shop after the tour at Springbank Distillery, very good value for the buck.

The obligatory stop at Acla da Fans

Bowmore 23yo., The Whisky Agency / Three River Tokyo

Longrow Peated

After this visit at Acla, where I'd to resist the urge to buy more bottles, we drove uphill to the centre to our Hotel Samnaunerhof. A tiny room, but ok for just a night, and a very nice wellness area with sauna, jacuzzi etc.

Hotel Samnaunerhof

We just dropped our luggage there and left again for some shopping and a first birthday cigar. We took a seat at one of the outdoor bars and I fired up the Festival 2000 Mareva while Tanja strolled through some more shops... it's really cold outside in comparison to the springlike temperatures that we'd at home but it still doesn't feel unpleasant.

Festival 2000 Marevas

On our way through the village we spotted a place called El Rico... US-Mexican bar... sounds good, let's give it a try. The intention was to have a small lunch... yeah... it's not my fault that I ended up with a really serious burger packed with lots of tasty stuff!

El Rico - our choice for lunch

Texas Burger

This lunch needed some more walk around and... of course... another cigar. ;-)

I decided to settle down in the Lounge Natioli in the Hotel Chasa Montana. Unfortunately the lounge was still closed when I arrived but after asking the receptionist they opened it for me approx. 1.5 hours earlier than the schedule - a very nice gesture which cannot be taken as granted!

They also have some cigars in the local humidor but I decided to smoke another one from my package, the Montecristo No. 4 Dunhill Selection... and it didn't fail! Wow... what an awesome smoke. A Montecristo at its best!

Natioli Lounge in the Hotel Chasa Montana

Montecristo No. 4 Dunhill Selection from the 70s

Montecristo No. 4 Dunhill Selection from the 70s

Montecristo No. 4 Dunhill Selection from the 70s

The evening itself was filled with an excellent 5-course dinner and some bubbly afterwards... I wasn't in the mood to smoke the Che Robusto later even though I am sure that it would've been a perfect after dinner cigar...

The next morning surprised us with a serious amount of snow... approx. 40 cm fresh snow over night made it really look like a winter wonderland... but that's fine, I can cross of "winter" and "snow" from my list, it's time now for some sunny and mild weather... I'm sure that I'll have that soon... but that'll be another story...

Snow in the morning