Monday, February 10, 2014

02/04 - Whisky and... Highland Park Whisky Beef

Not long ago the dates for the SSMC (Scotch Single Malt Circle) regulars' table were published and it started with a highlight: a perfectly prepared Irish beef paired with a whole lot of tasty Single Malts. A good way to get prepared for my time in New Zealand because I'm sure that I'll enjoy a lot of beef there... ;-)

Luckily I could share the ride with Reto, therefore I could try many of the bottles which have been brought. This time it was a big group due to this we'd also a wide range of whisky. My choice was a Bowmore 12yo., a solid Malt which went well with the food. Here are some shots of bottles which floated around the tables of the Gemsle...

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Caol Ila 27yo. and Bowmore 12yo.

Caol Ila 27yo. - ugly label, fantastic whisky

Benrinnes 28yo. from the SSMC

Yamazaku 10yo.

Imperial 1995

This time it's a big group of people, 24 in total... it seems that they're all looking forward for some nice beef: marinated in Highland Park Whisky, seared and cooked to the point... nobody was disappointed. It's absolutely perfect and was easily enjoyable even without any side dishes, but no complaints here too... they're also excellent. Another awesome evening with a lot of good conversations... I'll miss the next to events due to my absence... but that's life... I think I'll enjoy life on the other side of the world too...

A nice side effect that Reto and I showed up a bit earlier than usual was that we had an interesting talk with Manfred, the chef of the Gemsle... keeping the meet at the right temperature can compensate days - even weeks - of aging... you just have to know how to play the tunes... It doesn't replace the aging, but if you are need to do some compensation that's a trick that works...

The whole group

Fooling around with the Fisheye

Moses and Michaele

A perfect piece of beef


Bottles everywhere...

More bottles....