Saturday, February 22, 2014

02/14 - 02/15 - Cigars and lamb

It's Friday again... one of those Fridays of Andreas' emergency service... it's PHARMACY SMOKE!!

It's always a pleasure to come here and so we made the trip another time... no big issue, but I think that is not worth to mention. After the drive which took us a bit longer than usual (damn traffic jams) and after a first hello to Andreas we dropped our luggage at the Cafe Fritz where we also settled down for a nice steak dinner... a good basis for the rest of the evening.

Short past seven the backrooms were crowded with people and filled with thick smoke... still bearable but this time hard at the limit...

BTW: have you ever seen a meatloaf vanishing within a blink of the eye? Then you should come along one day... it's some kinda tradition since a while that one of the guys brings a meatloaf... and the whole gang seems to be crazy for it... this time it was gone in less than 4 minutes... maybe I should bring a meatloaf too one day... just to have a comparison... ;-)

It's another fantastic evening with very funny conversations and some good cigars, not to forget the Glen Scotia from the SMWS that Ralf brought... what an outstanding good Single Malt. Surprisingly I felt really tired at that evening and due to this I left the pharmacy as early as never before... I think it was about 2.15 am... it seems that I'm getting old!

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Upmann Monarchs AT from 1998

The next day we wanted to join the lamb dinner in Mommenheim that's been organized by Andreas therefore we decided to spend the day with some friend in the city of Mainz... doing some sightseeing...

St. Stephan, Mainz

Chagall windows

In the evening we drove to the restaurant of the Golf course in Mommenheim where we'd a separate room, smoking permitted. We all came for some tasty lamb but we'd to take some Serrano ham... tasty stuff and a really good starter... together with a Partagas Series du Connaisseur No. 1 from 1997.

Jupp cutting the ham

Starter plate

Then the lamb came to the table... a lamb soup... never had it before but it was very tasty (and of course I took a refill).... and then: the meat. Some potatos and cole slaw as a side dish... it was delicious... cooked to perfection, fork tender and juicy... a Montecristo C EL 2003 as dessert, what else do you've to ask for?

A great weekend which makes me looking forward to the next smoky weekend in May...

Lamb soup


Montecristo C EL 2003

Sancho Panza Belicosos upside down