Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Harbour Street, Oamaru

If you enter the well-known Harbour Street in Oamaru you feel like you did a time travel back to the Victorian Age.

This is the only Victorian village in New Zealand (no complete village but a nice wee part of it) with a lot of historic buildings which have been put back to shape.

You step into old stores, an antiques shop, an old bookstore... you can really smell the history of that place. Warehouses on the other side of the street, some have been used for corn and barley, some are used now by The New Zealand Whisky Company to store their casks.

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The Harbour Street

Dressed up inn Victorian style

Best saddles ever - Brooks

In the old bookstore

BTW... talking about whisky: of course I also made a stop a The New Zealand Whisky Company. A nice location for a store in one of the historic buildings.

My tasting flight

The tasting that I made there was consisting of 4 whiskys, all of them really high priced in comparison to Scotch Single Malt, all around NZD 200 and more...
  • South Island Single Malt, 21 yo., 40 %: Coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla in the nose. A nice mouthfeel with pears, vanilla, toffee and a wee bit of cocoa.
  • Vintage 1987, 26 yo., 43 %: Ripe banana and vanilla, apple and fresh bread. Some hints of oak and pepper in the taste with some honey sweetness.
  • Vintage 1988, 25 yo., Cask Strength: Spicy, caramel, hints of vanilla and apricots. Thick and sweet in the mouth with more banana, black pepper and allspice.
  • Vintage 1990, 23 yo. Cask Strength: Intensiv toasty aromas with hints of pineapple and herbs. The mouthfeel is spicy with a nice portion of vanilla, caramel and barley.
All in all I've to say that all of those whiskys were good but for me they're overpriced in comparison what I can get from Scotland. They're all more on the sweeter side, nothing which hit the peaty spot of my taste buds.


The New Zealand Whisky Company

I continued my way to the nice harbor area of Oamaru where I took the chance to enjoy a cigar in the sun. I'd some fantastic weather here while there's some really crappy weather in Christchurch with storm, rain and even hail. A nice daytrip which was definitely worth the time I spent on the road.

View over Oamaru