Friday, April 04, 2014

03/29 - The Great Kiwi Beer Festival

A whole festival only about beer. 50 breweries, most of them microbreweries. 300+ sorts of different beers. Different seminars around the topic "beer". More than 13'000 attendees. That was the Great Kiwi Beer Festival at the last weekend in the Hagley Park in Christchurch.

I was one of the lucky guys having a so called Hoptimized ticket which enabled me to enter 30 minutes before the official opening of the doors... which was a big advantage because due to this you get a first impression of the whole area without the big crowds being around.

I won't bore you with mentioning all the names of beers that I tried nor with other minor details... but I wanna mention three of the seminars which were really good:
  • Beer & Whisky matching by Richard Emerson from Emersons Brewery: After my experience at the Whisky & Beer matching at Pomeroy's one week before I was really looking forward to this seminar and it didn't disappoint. I'm sure that I'll pick it up for one of my tasting events that I hold twice a year in the Griffins Business Lounge in Kreuzlingen.
 Richard Emerson - matching beer and whisky

  • How to buy a beer by Phil Cook: It's a very unconventional kind of presentation for those modern times... just with a flipchart, but it was fantastic and brought you back to some basic things which should go without saying... but obviously they've to be mentioned again. Also check out his beer diary blog... an interesting read.
How to buy beer - some interesting aspects by Phil Cook

  • Sour & Barrel Aged Beers by Jason Bathgate from 8 Wired Brewing: Over the last 2 years I also made some positive experience with sour beers therefore I was also looking forward to this seminar. I've been in contact with Jason for a while before and so it's great to meet him in person, have chat and some beer together. During my time here I also had to chance to try a big part of their range and I have to say that I like their stuff... good job, guys.

Jason from 8 Wired Brewing

I think it's worth to mention the following: even though the whole festival was about alcohol, there've been more than 13'000 people drinking a lot... there've been no incidents!

And now it's time to enjoy some pix... Cheers!

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Two bottles of a sixpack

Twisted Hop Draft


Second breakfast

Stu from the Yeastie Boys

First Stout of the day...

More and more people coming in...

Let the beer flow...

Let the beer flow...

Enjoying a smoke

A cardboard knight?

The Pomeroy's Crew - Ava Wilson, the Beer Baroness in the middle