Friday, April 18, 2014

Dunedin and the Speight's Brewery

My way to the southern parts of the South Island of New Zealand brought me to the city of Dunedin. I'd it on my schedule to visit the Speight's Brewery, also know as "The Pride of the South"...

Dunedin is different to Christchurch, it's a university city with a much more active nightlife. I arrived there in the early afternoon and had enough time to visit a few nice places that you have to see... like the old railway station which has been been built in the early 1900 and was completely finished in 1907, a real jewel of the flamish Renaissance style.

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Dunedin Railway Station

Dunedin Railway Station

I made another stop at the Signal Hill which gave me a fantastic view over the city. Unfortunately some clouds came up and the scenery wasn't as nice as half an hour before when the sun was still shining.

View over Dunedin from Signal Hill

Before I checked in at my hotel I made a last stop at the Baldwin Street, the world's steepest street with 35 %!! The cannot use bitumen or tar for the surface because it would flow down on a hot summer day therefore it is made of concrete. This street is a real hotspot for tourists and there are many crazy guys driving up this cul-de-sac with their 4WD's... you can find lots of clips on Youtube.

Baldwin Street - the worlds' steepest street with 35 %!!

The way to the brewery took me through some nice parts of the city where I made some random shots, nothing specific, just some impressions.

Here you can still find pay phones! 

The Speight's Brewery which has been founded in 1876 consists still of all parts of the original building added by some newer parts.

The tour itself leads you through the old parts where all the equipment is existing but this is only for the tour and not longer in use. The production has been modernized but this part is not open to the public.

At the Speight's Brewery

Hops - the flavor bomb

After a tour of approximately one hour our group arrived in the tasting room where we'd the chance to try the beer which made the brewery the pride of the south... hmmm... several gold medals for their different types... but honestly... it's not really special. Yes, it's not bad, but... mainstream. Refreshing on a hot summer day and easy drinkable due to the fact that they're all around 4 % ABV. Luckily there are many microbreweries here in NZ which make excellent beers, so you're not depending on the mainstream stuff...

In the tasting room

Let it flow...

After going through the Speight's range I changed the location and went next door to the Speight's Ale House for dinner. A had a good steak which was exactly to the point like I wanted it, another Speight's to wash it down and then back to the hotel (with another stop in a pub on the way for a pint of a local microbrewery IPA).

An interesting day with a lot of experiences...

The Speight's Ale House

The Speight's Ale House