Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Punch Robusto ER Suiza 2005

The color of the wrapper was not too dark, would say something like colorado, the surface was fine and matt.

There was a pleasent smell of leather and (of course) tobacco. It was rolled really hard but the draw after cutting off the head was excellent.

The first third started with flavors of black pepper, also some hints of dark chocolate and leather which fainted after a while. Also had some nutty flavors, like walnut... Later on nuts and pepper fainted away, during the middle third the chocolate gets more intensive, added by some wood (cedar) and upcoming tobacco. The final third: wood and tobacco at the top, guided by some spicy flavors (which I could not define exactly).

The cigar burnt well over a time of app. 100 minutes. It was a smoke I really enjoyed, especially the creamy smoke that was produced by this excellent Cuban...