Tuesday, May 13, 2014

04/30 - The smoking Four

Our last joint herf is already a while ago, I think it was back in January if I remember correctly. Therefore I was really happy that we found a date which matched for all four of us to smoke another fantastic cigar.

This time we smoked a Montecristo Edmundo Dantes, Conde 109. There've been two batches, the first released in 2007, the second batch released in 2008. Our sticks were from the second batch with the boxing code USE MAR08.

Another detailed report about the evening can be found on feltedhat.com, here are my impressions of this smoke.

Perfect appearance, perfect construction, a nice colorado-colored wrapper... it proofs that the Cubans still know how to make a cigar which definitely looks like a high quality product. The smell is dominated by woody notes which also have some decent "cellar" smell in the background. Not unpleasant, not very much... but it's there.

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The first puffs are a big relief: no cellar aroma but a good portion of white pepper (it seems that I'm the only one with this taste) with some hints of leather. The woodiness is there too but it's more a hint than a distinct aroma.

Obviously I cut too much because the draw was a bit too light for my liking, but I've to confess that I like it more on the tighter side. Beside the intesive flavors coming along with the first puffs the cigar gives me the impressions to be more on the light side... an impressions which should be confirmed during the smoke...

During the first third the white pepper aroma is getting more and more intensive but surprisingly the smoke was very smooth while nose-exhaling... like an old vintage cigar even though the taste was definitely not vintage-like, of course not with just 6 or 7 years of age... The taste of cedar wood was joining this distinctive peppery note combining each other to a very complex flavor profile. There were also some other aromas which I couldn't specify at this time.

I was the one who was smoking very slow at this evening which's untypical when I don't smoke alone... therefore I reached the second third of the cigar while one of us was already in the last third... wood and leather were the main components of the mix... joined from time to time by a semblance of dark roasted coffee... one thing was totally surprising: especially while nose-exhaling you got some intensive floral notes which Urs Portmann also smelled in the smoke and which were only present in the cigar that I smoked. Maybe I was lucky enough again to get the "best" out of the selection.

The grand final of this amazing cigar was very creamy, chocolate-like... aromas of dark chocolate and wood pairing again in front of this peppery background. Awesome...

After a smoking time of 2.5 hours I put it to the ashtray and left it beside the dark-grey ash. The smoke confirmed what I expected after the first look and feel: a perfect cigar, good burn, tons of flavor. Negative aspects? It wasn't as strong as I would've expected it but that's not really negative... and the light draw was partly my fault because of the cutting.

I'm looking forward to open my box of those which are from 2007, the first batch.

Stay tuned for our next get-together when I will bring some sticks to smoke... I have something on my mind, but let's see what we'll finally smoke...