Saturday, May 24, 2014

Punch Punch 1995

Very decent odor of strands, dry sawdust comes to the nose while having the cigar in the hand with its colorado-claro colored, matt and fine wrapper. It's very boxpressed and seemed to be good rolled.

After lighting up and cutting you have a perfect draw and you can find directly the flavors that you had before in the nose: strands and dry sawdust, mixed with some little hints of wild honey and black pepper. The woody part is some kinda basis (lasting the whole time) for all the other flavors which come up during the smoke.

The second third, which is also based on the woody component, is characterized by upcoming maltiness, some hints of nutmeg and a pure taste of old tobacco... The sweetness of the first third has fainted away, it's getting a bit more animal-like.

Also in the last third the sawdust is present and giving the base to leather, black pepper and still the tobacco. It's like the flavor of freedom, like sitting outside somewhere in the fields and enjoying this flavorful cigar....

The cigar wasn't bitter or harsh at any time, a very pleasant smoke for a time of app. 90 minutes. The ashes was a bit fragile, so you had to take care that it comes to the ashtray and not to the table or the floor...