Friday, July 11, 2014

07/05 - Smoke'n'Food... and some booze...

Normally the first weekend in July is the traditional time of the year for our Swiss Herf of a bunch of guys... this year we'd to change the plans a little bit and ended up with a herf of 3 people on our balcony.

Even though the event was different we'd again some parts of the traditional weather that we seem to have any time when we've that herf... some rain on Saturday morning but luckily the sky cleared up later and it's a perfect afternoon.

I started the day with an Espresso and an El Rey del Mundo Demi Tasse from 1992, the perfect beginning of that - at this time crappy - day followed by a 1998 Hoyo de Monterrey Churchill. At the same time I fired up my Monolith to prepare some cupcake chicken for Tom (who's supposed to arrive around midday), Tanja and myself. They came out perfect as the last times, with some corn muffins at the side this was a tasty lunch...

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El Rey del Mundo Demi Tasse from 1992

Hoyo de Monterrey Churchill from 1998

Cupcake Chicken

Freshly invigorated by the meal I grabbed some Single Malt to enjoy them with the next cigar which was in line... starting with a 10yo. Bruichladdich which was bottled in the 80s, followed by a 12yo. Bowmore, also bottled in the 80s, we continued then with a 23yo. Port Ellen from 1983 and a 20yo. Laphroaig, distilled in 1979. All went very well with the fantastic smoking Trinidad Ingenios... the Edicion Limitada from 2007 which is developing really good...

A nice choice of Single Malts

Trinidad Ingenios EL 2007 and 12yo. Bowmore bottled in the 80s

But how to bridge the time between lunch and dinner... while waiting for Ralf to arrive? We'd crusty cigars and old whisky... and then Tanja added some homemade iced coffee and sweets... oh well, it looks definitely like a day full of many pleasures...

After that "sweet break" Ralf arrived and we fired up one of the cigars that I digged out of my storage the day before: La Flor de Cano Coronas, the last handmade longfiller of that brand being discontinued in 2002. Don't be confused by the name because it's actually a Petit Corona sized cigar. This box is from 1998, the smell which's coming out of it is simply phenomenal. It's interesting to mention that all of the 3 cigars started a bit different (from very reserved to present from the first puff), but they all took a very good progress and so all of us enjoyed a fantastic smoke... the Springbank 1996 from the SSMC was a good company for this cigar...

Iced coffee and some sweets

La Flor de Cano Coronas from 1998

Springbank 1996 from the Scotch Single Malt Circle

Wow... already 7 pm... time to fire up the grill again to prepare some dinner. I didn't want to spend all the time with preparing the food instead of taking care of my guests therefore I decided for some simple (but also tasty) plankboxed Rigatoni. Everything has been prepared earlier this day, so I just had to put it in the heat and wait... I played a little bit with the tomato sauce which I made a bit more spicy than usual (it came out very good), all in all it was a delicious meal which was the basis for the next cigar to follow... Ralf brought an excellent Partagas Series D No. 3, Edicion Limitada 2001. What a great cigar after this kind of dinner... no question that the 21 yo. Laphroaig from Silver Seal would go with that perfectly... It's on of the first cigars which hit the market as a limited edition, already 13 years old... a powerhouse packed with great aromas... the whisky's also a class on it's own: is there anything better than a peaty whisky like a Laphroaig which has been matured in a Sherry cask?

Plankboxed Rigatoni

Enjoying the Partagas Series D No. 3

Enjoying the Partagas Series D No. 3

Enjoying the Partagas Series D No. 3

Laphroaig 21yo. from Silver Seal

Later on... after the dessert which came along as maracuja and blueberry sorbet we decided to have a liquid and smoky dessert too: Ardbeg 1973 Single Cask and an El Rey del Mundo Petit Campana ER France from 2009. Even though we'd a lot of cigars before the flavors of the ERdM were strong enough to shine... intensive floral aromas which are the attribute of that brand. I think it's not necessary to say anything about that outstanding whisky which's from a time when Ardbeg really made quality stuff, no comparison to the Galileos, Auriverdes and whatevers they throw on the market nowadays... you can find the specific tasting notes here: Ardbeg 1973 Single Cask.

El Rey del Mundo Petit Campana ER France 2009 and Ardbeg 1973 Single Cask

Thx a for a great day, guys... it really rocked and definitely has to be repeated!