Friday, July 04, 2014

Trinidad Fundadores 1999

It is nice over and over again to open the box with the boxing date 07/1999... a marvellous smell flowed out which makes the mouth watering before lighting it up. Without any pressing and firmly rolled the cigar with the fine, oily and colorado-coloured wrapper lies in the hand.

Let's start, "fire at will" and toasting very carefully until you can see the glowing ring at the end of the cigar. Cutting, blowing through (I'm convinced of Puisais theory) and now the first draw. Wow!! Tannin is the first thing that flushes into my mind, also black pepper and again forest soil (mud? wet grass?)... however, by no means unpleasantly. The tannins vanish fast and leather and tobacco came up, clenched load.

In the second third it becomes more and more malty, mixed with some spice, a mixture that can be hard defined. This basic taste runs through up to the end, it's always present.

In the last third reminiscences of wood join, sometimes getting some kind of bloomy (like I know it more from ERdM), but everything most intensely.

The smoke is thick, almost quite creamy and very mouth-filling. Though the ashes very firm on the one hand, but it mostly drops after approx. 1 to 2 cm.

The cigar begins very intensively but could increase its potential during smoking course even further.

Brilliant Smoke, this gives pleasure.