Sunday, August 31, 2014

08/29 - Whisky and... spit-roasted BBQ

The summer break of the Gemsle is over and so we're back with our whisky regulars' table... due to the calender it's still summer (even though it's unpleasant and rainy outside), the time of the year which is the preferred time for some BBQ. In this specific case different whisky-marinated kinds of meat (beef and lamb) have been spit-roasted... sounds tasty and be sure that it really was...

Of course all the participants brought a bottle of whisky to contribute to the dinner and so we ended up with a good selection of whisky, here are a few shots, my one's the first:

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With the food Manfred was back on track and served us excellent stuff. The meat, beef and lamb, was on the point, juicy and tender and was served with tasty side dishes. 

We had good and interesting chats about food and whisky and from time to time a good laugh... oh well, sometimes it really sucks for the people to sit opposite of the photographer as you can see on the  after next pic... the right shot in the right (or wrong?) moment...

The next event will be end of September, just after our return from our vacation... perfect timing... then we'll have the delicious pork cheeks that I had several times here and which're outstanding good...

Monday, August 25, 2014

St. Bernardus Grottenbier Bruin

Many of those beers can be found in bigger bottles, e.g. 0.7 liters (or even more)... this makes the beer to age different than in the smaller bottle which'll lead to a special taste... especially after a few years of aging...

This time I opened a bottle of Grottenbier Bruin which has been bottled in 2007, so it's approximately 6 to 7 years old. The first - and obvious - thing that you realize is the very fine and stable foam that you can see after pouring it into the glass.

An aroma of yeast, decent citrus and malt is coming to the nose... and it's confirmed when you take the first sip. Seams a bit fruity... strong notes of caramel and brown sugar... but not too much, it's still a good balance. Also some, let's say, sour notes... not unpleasant, but helping to keep the balance to the sweetness... some spices and fruitiness in the aftertaste...

All in all a very enjoyable beer...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

08/15 - 08/16 - The same procedure as every year

It's August again... and again it's time for the biggest pharmacy smoke of the year... not as big as the years before because this time the weather was worse than ever before within the last years... rain, cold... it definitely didn't feel like middle of August... but anyhow: people came from all different parts of Germany, Belgium, of course some Swiss and also one guy from Canada... a colorful mix!

If you have ever joined one of those herfs at the pharmacy, you know the atmosphere... for all the others there are some pix to give you a slight impression...

Lynchburg Lemonde, establishing as THE drink at the pharmacy over the last months

Dieter from Hamburg

Guests from Belgium

Hoyo de Monterrey Short Hoyo Corona

The smoking Swiss guy

Thx for the cigar, Frank, a very good smoke!

Partagas Series D Especial, EL 2010


Traditionally the Cigar Cult Club has its annual summer feast on the Saturday after the big pharmacy smoke. After a night with a good portion of sleep (very unusal for that kinda weekend but we're all getting older) we went with two other couples to Wiesbaden where we visited Heiko in his shop, you can get taylormade clothes there:

We enjoyed some espresso and talked a little bit while the time flew by... we took a quick lunch just around the corner before we went back to our room to make us ready for the evening program.

As last year the party took place at the Feierscheier... the slogan of the feast was "Texas Summer Party" and some of the guests showed up in their Cowboy outfit.

We received two cigars, a Montecristo Double Edmundo, sponsored by the 5th Avenue which I smoked with pleasure. The second one was an Alec Bradley Lineage 770 but I didn't take that crazy baseball bat with a RG of 77. WTF?!? With the tobacco they used for that they could make three nice cigars...

Luckily I had some good cigars with me, so it was no issue to do without the Alec Bradley... Partagas Lonsdales from the mid 90s, RyJ Cazadores from the same period of time... a Sancho Panza Corona Gigantes from '86, a Rafael Gonzalez C... just to mention a few of the range...

Later the food was served and we enjoyed fantastic burger, coleslaw, ribs, steaks and much more stuff... I ate definitely too much (and I think some others had the same problem) therefore all were really happy when Gabriel served the famous Cigarnac.

It was great to meet a lot of people that I haven't seen for months, some even for years and so the time flew by quickly... we'd some different plans for Sunday therefore we didn't take part at the brunch which took place in Woerrstadt area as last year.

Montecristo Double Edmundo

Tarte flambée Texas style with beans

El Presidente

Cutting it with the big knife due to draw issues

That's some Belgian fashion

Pimp my sunglasses

Some "BBQ"

Group photo (source: