Wednesday, September 10, 2014

09/03 - A Diplomatic Tasting

Time's flying... I thought our last tasting was not long ago but a check of the calender told me that it's already 4 months ago... but with the summer vacation and my break because of my surgery it went by quickly. Anyhow... we're back smoking extraordinary cigars, on the schedule: a Diplomaticos No. 7 from the 80s. Unfortunately we were just three guys this time due to a dropping out on short notice of one of us.

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Semi boite nature box of Diplomaticos No. 7 from the 80s

Semi boite nature box of Diplomaticos No. 7 from the 80s

In the meantime I had the chance to smoke several of those discontinued No. 7s, from the 70s and 80s... they're always a big pleasure. Aged Diplomaticos are a class on its own, totally underrated and always in the shadow of the big brother Montecristo. Imho Diplomaticos and Montecristo are two different cigars, they've nothing in common... ok, maybe one thing: they're both made of tobacco, but tastewise they're different and individual.

I don't want to bother you with another tasting report of a cigar I've already reviewed, therefore I just want to attract your attention to the tasting that I've made earlier:

The cigar was fantastic, I really enjoyed it for the whole 90 minutes I smoked it. The full report about the cigars itself can be found here:

Because of the fact that the Diplomaticos No. 7 was "just a short smoke" (quote of the spender), we received a second cigar and filled out the tasting sheets while smoking it. The full and detailed reports can be found on

Los Statos de Luxe - a low budget cigar but I made the experience that those cheap sticks can have a very good flavor. Not very complex but definitely honest and pure tobacco flavor. We realized a funny thing with the existing box: stamped as "Totalmente a mano" but they gave the impression to be short and not long fillers... and the boxcode from the year 1996 was also in contrary to that because after the 1980s they've usually been machine made. In the meantime I found out that also machine bunched but hand finished cigars where stamped with "Totalmente a mano" which seems to be the most reasonable explanation.

Unfortunately my cigar was a little bit disappointing. The first puffs started very intensive but then the aroma dropped rapidly. During the last 2 cm some aroma came back but the rest was boring and nearly tasteless. It's a pity but that's life.

Our next and final tasting for the year 2014 should be around end of November, beginning of December... stay tuned for another interesting cigar to be smoked...