Monday, September 15, 2014

09/06 - Zino Davidoff Legacy Award Dinner

Back in September 2013 Urs won the Zino Davidoff Legacy Award for his lifework. He was one of the first Davidoff depositaire worldwide and definitely the first in Europe... this was back in 1971, 43 years ago.

Now it's time to celebrate this award with his customers and friends in the Restaurant Wagghuus in Gottlieben, a place where several events have taken place, the place where he had his first event ever in 1986, together with Zino Davidoff himself. Back in those times they still smoked Cuban Davidoffs, something we all wish to happen again soon... On this evening, September 6, 2014, things have come full circle: Urs Portmann announced that this was the last event that he'd organized and that his sons Marc and Thomas will fully take the tiller from the end of the year on... which means finally that he really retires... but I'm sure we'll still see him very often in the shop in Kreuzlingen. 

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The view from the restaurant's terrace where the aperitif party took place

Davidoff Nicaragua Primeros

 Urs Portmann and Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard, CEO Davidoff

After the aperitif party on the terrace we moved inside to take our seats for the official program. Thomas led us as a moderator through the evening. Before every course there were different speeches, held by Urs himself but also by Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard and others. Both, Urs and Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard, went far afield when they talked about the business and Urs' history in specific. There were also some people in the room who've participated at the first event in the Waaghuus together with Zino Davidoff... as I said before: things came to full circle.

Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard referred several times to the interview with Urs in the Cigarclan magazine, where he mentioned that one of his most loved cigars is a Davidoff Chateau Yquem. Unfortunately he wasn't able to find one of those in the storage but as an "alternative" he handed out a box of Davidoff Chateau Mouton Rothschild, an awesome gesture! Urs, I hope you will enjoy those wonderful cigars in good health! A really well deserved gift!

Thomas moderating the event

The Zino Davidoff Legacy Award

Cuban or not?

The food was excellent as always, the served wines matched also very good... and so were the cigars... if you like them... Luckily I'd nice sticks with me and after the main course, the excellent Beef Wellington I fired up a Ramon Allones 898 from 1998, instead of the Davidoff Diademas which has been offered at this time. For me it's definitely the better choice. The evening, filled with many stories which made it a very deiverting time, flew by quickly and so we left the party around 1 am, knowing that we'd another hour to drive home...

Now it's time for Marc and Thomas to follow their father's footprints... not in the way they'll deal things and run the business but definitely in regards to the success he had over the last decades.

First course: Smoked pike carpaccio

Second course: riesling soup

Third course: Beef Wellington

Third course: Beef Wellington

Fourth course: Walnut brittle parfait with marinated plums

Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard

Well deserved - Urs with a box of Davidoff Mouton Rothschild

Marlene and Urs Portmann

Carlos Andrés presenting the Davidoff Diademas Nicaragua

The new Davidoff Diademas Nicaragua

Then (1986) and now (2014): Urs and Hannes

From left to right: Raymond Scheuer, Albert Manzone, Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard, Urs Portmann, Mirko Lorenzi