Friday, September 26, 2014

The Marlborough Sounds

One of my trips during my time in NZ brought me to the northen part of the Southern Island, a must-see area if you like nature. I rented a cabin in the Marlborough Sounds, Ohingaroa Cabin to be exact. The hosts Liana and Leicester are really friendly, thumbs up for that accomodation!

But let's start the story at the beginning. The ride to the cabin from my motel in Christchurch was approx. 6 hours, therefore I started early in the morning because I wasn't able to make the ride on Friday. The weather in Christchurch was really crappy due to this I was more than happy as the sky cleared up during the ride to the north.

Turn right in the roundabout in 304 km! This was shown while still in the city limits of Christchurch

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But then... while approaching the final destination, the clouds got thicker and thicker and it was totally cloudy and foggy when I arrived there around 10 am. A got a very warm welcome by my hosts and they calmed me not be worried about the weather... the sun will come through the clouds soon and it'll be a perfect day. So I took the car for a ride along the bay and made a few stops to enjoy the nature and to smoke a cigar in front of that stunning scenery.

Unfortunately I only had the time to stay there for one night, I could've stayed there for a while... outstanding nature, dead silence. No noise of streets or industry. Just a car driving by from time to time during the daytime. In the evening and the night it was just the sounds of the water and the silence of the night. Unusual for somebody who used to bigger cities... but unusual on a pleasant way.

I had a perfect day in that area and really enjoyed it to take a break from everyday life... just some cold beers and cigars... that's it...

In the evening I was invited by my hosts to have some BBQ with them... ok, it ended up with me doing the BBQ but it was a great evening with fantastic company! Warm-hearted people who welcomed you as you belong to the family... another great experience. During the night I was looking to the moon and the star-spangled sky... nature is really beautiful...

Shoe fence