Friday, October 31, 2014

10/25 - 10 years meet4cigars

It's already 10 years ago that Falko, the founder of meet4cigars, was looking for some people to meet on a regular basis to smoke a cigar in Darmstadt.

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Falko, the "father" of meet4cigars

I was one of those who where interested (unfortunately I missed the first evening due to a business trip) but from the second meeting until the day we moved to Switzerland in 2008 I missed none of the monthly events, including several whisky, portwine, rum and cigar tastings.

Guys of the first hour: Falko, Christian and myself

Within the first two or three years we visited different locations in Darmstadt and the surrounding area, but finally the decision was made to have the monthly get togethers in one location, the Adega Alentejana. A good decision imho. It's a very nice place, the food is good, the hosts are very friendly and we always had the possibility to bring our own booze for the tasting events which is not usual in every place.

As I already said, it's 10 years now... it's good to see that especially in those smoker-unfriendly environment I cigar club has a chance to survive and that there are enough people who are interested and supporting it. The festivity for the anniversary took place in the Boschelhütte, a location close to Darmstadt where we could smoke without any limits and were protected againt the weather. The slogan was "Octoberfest" due to that a few were dressed up in some kinda Bavarian style... for me it's another chance to see some guys which I haven't seen for a while. Of course I also saw a lot of familiar faces, friends from the CCC in Wiesbaden, Zigarrenzirkel Bergstrasse and the regulars from the pharmacy smoke which also takes place every 13 days. It's always like a big family party...

Martin, who took the lead after Falko and I left the group, held a good speech and summarized the highlight of the passed decade, a time with some really great events and experiences.

Good food, cigars and a bunch of friends: the perfect mixture for a great evening.

Thx to all for the organization, it's really a pleasure to enjoy the time with you!

Martin during his official speech

Gabriel (CCC) and Martin (m4c)

Hoyo de Monterrey Churchill from 1997

Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill

Bavarian style buffet

Hoyo de Monterrey San Juan

Nice cake