Saturday, October 25, 2014

10/20 - Whisky and... venison

It's fall. The leafs are turning yellow. And it's the time of the year when venison is served in the restaurants. Another chance to meet in the Gasthaus Gemsle for some excellent food and whisky.

It wasn't so easy for me to decide for the matching whisky, it shouldn't be too strong but on the other hand it still needs to be strong enough. Finally I went with a Springbank NC2 from Duncan Taylor which was approved later to be a good choice.

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Springbank 11yo., NC2, Duncan Taylor

This time the group was much smaller then the last time, therefore the no. of bottles on the table was also reduced but nevertheless there were some nice bottlings among them: a 15 yo Laphroaig (I forgot the name of the independent bottler), a 1996 Longmorn from the Ultimate (what a Sherry bomb at 60 %!), a 1997 Bunnahabhain from The First Editions... fantastic stuff that all went well with the food too.

Laphroaig 15 yo.

Longrow 1992, 10yo.

Longmorn 1996, The Ultimate

Bunnahabhain 1997, The First Editions

Waiting for the food...

The food itself was a little surprise, at least for me. I was hoping for a saddle of venison with a sour cherry or raspberry based sauce but Manfred surprised us with venison ragout and a sauce which was made with some Balvenie Double Wood. This whisky gave the sauce an orange-twist... honestly I wouldn't have expected that... and as you can maybe read between the lines: it was good but I would've preferred it a little bit different. This time I tried again (for the second time this week) some Brussels sprout but after this experience I can still confirm that I don't like it (even if it has been cooked with some peaty whisky).

As a dessert a sponge cake with chocolate coating and some cheese was served... the sponge cake was also made with a peaty whisky which made it really delicious for me.... what a great combo!

Maybe there'll be a last event this year with some Paella and whisky if it works with the dates... if not it'll go next year...

Venison ragout, spaetzle and Brussels sprouts

Which whisky matches best?

All lined up

Manfred checking the agenda

Chocolate and cheese