Tuesday, October 07, 2014

09/30 - Whisky and... pork cheeks

Pork cheeks, one of my favorite dishes on the menu of the Restaurant Gemsle... and this time it was served in a special way... another dish cooked by adding whisky as a special ingredient.

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Full house

28 people - as much as never before - registered for this event and so we'd to move to another part of the restaurant, the usual room was too small. When we arrived close to 7 pm the tables were already occupied with a bunch of guys and a lot of bottles of water of life were on it.

What whisky to combine with the food? The Lagavulin 12yo. Cask Strength is part of the panel for the next tasting which'll be held end of the month, therefore I didn't take that one with me. Due to the big presentation of the Saentis Malt, especially on recent whisky fairs, I decided to take the bottle of the "Dreifaltigkeit" with me which is a peated version. It's the one which has the most character of the range I've tried yet, but I'm not a big fan of this Saentis Malt. A nice change but not among my favorites. The feedback during the evening was not very enthusiastic but many people were happy that they'd at least the chance to try it and make their opinion about it.

Saentis Malt "Dreifaltigkeit"

Jura 15 yo., Sherry Cask

Ardbeg Uigeadail 2013

Wemyss Malts Peat Chimney

North Port 1981 from Connoisseurs Choice

Caol Ila 29 yo. Small Batch from Cadenhead

Bn4 (Bunnahabhain) from Elements of Islay

Personally I was really impressed by the 1981 North Port, especially the smell of green pears was outstanding. It's not of same intensity in the taste, but definitely some good stuff. Another highlight: the 29 yo. Caol Ila from Cadenhead and the Elements of Islay Bn4, which's a Bunnahabhain with a serious portion of peat.

Reto brought a bottle of a 15 yo. Jura that he'd bought directly at the distillery, matured in Sherry casks and even though Jura is one the Malts that I don't like I tried it. Maybe the Sherry will cover those tangy aromas that I dislike but it doesn't. It seems that Jura will never be among my favorites.

Shop talk

The dinner itself was simply outstanding. It's nothing fancy but it's soooo delicious. The cheeks itself, the sauce, the Lagavulin dumplings... a great combo! As a dessert some cheese fondue was served for each in an individual bowl, also refined with some Single Malt Whisky...

Filled with all that stuff Manfred gave us a teaser already for the next event which'll take place soon.... venison... sour cherry sauce refined with Single Malt... it made us already mouthwater again...

Pork cheeks and Lagavulin dumplings

Whisky cheese fondue

The owner and chef: Manfred