Sunday, November 23, 2014

Smokin' Pig BBQ Fest 2014

During our vacation back in September we also had the chance to join a BBQ event with some of the best teams of Florida and also some well known guys from Georgia like Stump's Smoker and Rescue Smokers (who won the titel BBQ Pitmasters Grand Champion in 2014).

54 teams have been registered and, as I said before, a few very good teams were among them. It was no KCBS contest, it was acc. to the rules of the FBA (Florida BBQ Association) which means that the teams didn't have to use parsley for the boxes but only meat.

While we walked along the trailers it's around the turn-in time for the first course... chicken. Therefore we also had the chance to try some chicken from different teams... we finally ended up at the trailer of the Rescue Smokers where we came into an intensive conversation. Robby offered me some of their chicken and even so it had the Florida-typical sweetness, it's fantastic! Never tried a chicken thigh like this. Later on I found out that they won this course, so I'd tried the winning chicken! Of course we talked shop and I learned a lot during that conversation, things that I definitely wanted to try at home. He told me to come back for their other courses in time to try them.... and so we did for the ribs and the pork. We missed the brisket because we'd to drive back to hotel due to an appointment in the evening.

The ribs were a touch to sweet for me, the money muscle of the pork was slightly overcooked (maybe they'd some better pieces in the box) but anyhow: this is complaining on a very high level and the food was really outstanding good! Finally I can say that it was the best Q I had during our time in Orlando, all the food in the BBQ joints we visited was of lower quality. 

I also took some pictures from other competitors, here I can only say something about the look... and most stuff looked really great. I took a picture of the ribs from Yes Dear, BBQ... the winners of the rib category. Unfortunately I couldn't try them....

It's a really great opportunity to join this festival and meet the local heroes of the Florida BBQ scene...

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Perfect BBQ weather

Boog-A-Lou Smoke Crew

Suwanne River Smokers

Glazing the chicken

Whole hog for the folks

No Name BBQ

Smokin' Gillboys

Some trophies

The chicken-box. - no KCBS, no parsley

Stump's Smokers

Stump's Smokers

Big Papa's

52 teams on the ground

Turn-in time

Reserve Champion: Budmeisters BBQ Team

Rescue Smokers

Fantastic chicken, thx Robby from Rescue Smokers

Some more chicken?

Wonderful ribs

Robby Royal from Rescue Smokers and myself

Skinny's BBQ Team

 Smokey Sheriff

The winning ribs from Yes, Dear BBQ

Filling the turn-in-box

The hog is ready

Delicious wings

Rescue Smokers

Swamp Boys

Tasty ribs

Preparing the pork

Frank from Yes, Dear BBQ

Turn-in time

Some Ugly Drum Smokers aka UDS