Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 in pictures

It's time to sum up another year with some nice pictures... many good memories are connected to those. As always it's really hard to reduce all the pix of one month down to one... a click on the picture'll bring you to the corresponding report... this year was definitely influenced by my 2 month stay in New Zealand where I had the chance for a lot of interesting experiences.

  • January
Picture of the month: January
Smoke Privada No. 1

  • February
 Picture of the month: February
Chinese New Year's Festival in Christchurch

  • March
Picture of the month: March
DramFest 2014 in Christchurch

  • April
Picture of the month: April
The Great Kiwi Beer Festival, Christchurch

  • May
Picture of the month: May
Fresh Custom Rolled Cigars

  • June
Hillrace Hemberg

  • July
Smoke'n'Food... and some booze...

  • August
The same procedure as every year

  • September
Zino Davidoff Legacy Award Dinner

  • October
Swiss Herf Weekend

  • November
Smokin' Pig BBQ Fest

  • December
Which cigar? Which drink?