Friday, January 23, 2015

Bolivar Super Coronas EL 2014

Habanos SA is still able to launch cigars with a ringe gauge which doesn't cause a trismus. This Bolivar has a ring of 48, a length of 140 mm, it's an Hermosos No. 3. The first of that size in the actual portfolio  if I remember it correctly.

The wrapper is typical for an EL: dark, a little bit rustic-style and a decent oily shine. A good smell of honey and the Bolivaresque earthiness... seems like a promising smoke. The construction feels very good, evenly rolled so I still have again no issues to fire up before cutting it.

The first third starts already with a big bang: intensive notes of roasted coffee. There's a hint of earthy aromas but at the moment they're in the background and not coming up to intensively. After a few puffs there's a significant peak with a big load of ammonia. It's no surprise because this cigar is still young and fresh but it come up out of a sudden and was a bit unexpected after the first puffs. It came up quickly and it vanished quickly and made room for a touch of white pepper... a bit biting in the nose but not really unpleasant.

During the second third the intensity is still rising. Ammonia is completely gone, no more coffee. The earthy notes are still present, paired by some dark chocolate, leather and cedar wood. The aromas are all on the strong side but nevertheless the smoke of this cigar is very creamy, you want to chew it.

The leather and earth aromas carry over to the last third where a peppery note hits the palate, there's also a touch of polished wood. It was white pepper in the beginning, now it's more like a fresh-ground black pepper. A decent bitterness joins now but it doesn't feel unpleasant and it's no big surprise in regards to the fact that this is a young cigar.

Burn and draw were very good over the smoking time of approximately 80 minutes. The light grey ash was very firm during the whole smoke.

Finally I'm really happy with that stick. It's one of my preferred brands. It's a cigar with the typical flavor profile of the brand. It's a fantastic size. It's a great cigar with a very good aging potential. I wasn't sure about it before but now I'm sure that I need some of those for storage.

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