Monday, February 16, 2015

Partagas Seleccion Privada EL 2014

Partagas Seleccion Privada: this name awakes high expectations in reference to this classic cigar, the Seleccion Privada No. 1, which has been discontinued a few years back. The same yellow band on top of the cigars, another similarity. But the size is different. It's a Double Robusto now, originally it was a Dalia, maybe this would have been also the better size for this new release.

The cigar itself has a very good construction, another dark EL wrapper with a decent oily shine. Surprisingly the smell is very muted, it's nearly impossible to define any specific aroma.

Sometimes those kind of cigars are positive surprise when fired up, so this is the hope here too. The first third starts.... mild. Unusually mild for a Partagas. There's some white pepper in the background, some liquorice and milk coffee. No ammonia. Later on the aroma gets very herbal, a pleasant taste even though it's a bit unexpected and also atypic.

The second third. The white pepper has been replaced by fresh ground black pepper, there are some earthy notes. Far away and very decent. Is it really Partagas?

Earth and leathery notes in the last third. The cigar seems to be on the expected track in regards of the flavor. But the intensity is still on a very low level, it's all dulled.

The cigar ends after approx. 80 minutes of unspectacular smoking time. The good constructions was proved by a firm ash and a very good draw. The high expectations awakened by the name and packaging was not fulfilled, it was a boring smoke which showed the true character just behind a thick curtain which dampened a possibly good flavor profile.

It's hard to predict an aging potential for this cigar because obviously there is not much in it which could be expected to develop. In the meantime I found out that those cigars which tasted really bland were all with a boxing date from August 2014, the ones with the September 2014 stamp were much more intensive and stronger.. Anyhow... the cigar didn't really convince me and as I've another box (or two?) of the real Seleccion Privada (No. 1) this is not a big deal.

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