Thursday, March 12, 2015

Liechtensteiner Brauhaus Club Beers

Craftbeers are getting more and more popular in Switzerland, I was really impressed by the variety we have here when attending the Craftbeer Festival in Rapperswil last year in September. One beer that I tried there was from Liechtenstein, in the meantime I tried some more of their so called "Club Bier".

Club Bier 01 - Coffee Stout

Very dark colored, almost black with a nice head. The smell is dominated by dried fruits and coffee based on a moderate sweet background. Very smooth and cerealy in the mouth, dark roasted coffee with some fruitiness and aromas of toast. A good balance of bitter and sweet notes. Long lasting in the mouth with a fruity and pleasantly bitter aftertaste.

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Club Bier 02 - Alpen Pale Ale

Amber colored with a quickly vanishing head. The smell is full of hops, also some bread dough and caramel. The aroma of the hops continue in the taste, very floral, hints of honey and exotic fruits. The finish is more on the dry side (but not unpleasant) with some floral and hoppy aromas.

Club Bier 03 - Bock Stark

Reddish-copper colored with a small and stable white head. Caramel, citrus and nutty flavors in the nose. A very pleasant bitter-sweet flavor with hoppy aromas. The finish is characterized by fruit and caramel.

Club Bier 05 - Wiesnrausch (bottled one day before drinking)

Copper colored with a golden shine, the head is very stable and long-lasting. Citrus, wheat and yeast hit the nose. The wheat is one of the base flavors in the mouth, added by some fruity aromas, maybe banana... very creamy in the mouth. Slightly sweet aftertaste, very creamy...