Monday, March 30, 2015

Partagas 898v 1998

The wrapper is colorado colored. Matt surface and due to the 898 package no pressing. It seemed to be a bit hard rolled but the first impression has nothing to say about the draw how I saw it e.g. at my Montecristo "C" which are all hard as a rock but have a fantastic draw. The smell of the cigar itself is a tremendous intensity of pure tobacco and leather... Wow!

So I lighted it up, cutted it and take the first puffs.... Draw is tight, too tight to be perfect but still ok (it went better after the first half inch).

The first impressions: leather, very intensive, black pepper, also some earthiness... and surprisingly a subtle sweetness like honey... I only knew this before from the Por Larranaga, here it was nearly the same sweet taste... It was embedded perfect in this strong flavor and came up every now and then during the first third.

In the second third it even get's intense.... leather is still there, woody tastes came up and the earthiness rose up more.

The last third was, also as the time before, really a perfect balance of the different tastes... the earthiness vanished (but came back during the last puffs) and in front of a background of wood, leather and tobacco the palate became more and more herbal... also black pepper came back... it was some kind of "grand finale".

I had an interesting experience: this cigar was full of flavors like I know it from much older cigars.... let me call it "vintage flavor"... who has smoked an older cigar (like 20+ yo) knows what I am speaking of. It reminded me tastewise a bit of the Palmas Grandes from the 80s that I have, but still stronger....

Conclusion: Very good cigar...