Friday, April 17, 2015

Farewell big boy

This posting is about a sad day in our life. One of our cats, Don, had to be put down a bit more than a week ago after suffering from a kidney injury. Before I started my short trip to Belgium I spent a lot of time with him after the diagnosis, motivating him to eat and drink, taking care of him and I was sure that he'll be strong enough to fight it, supported by the medicine he got. But after I left, his total constitution dropped rapidly and Tanja had to make a very hard decision, he gave up, didn't eat and drink, the shine in his eyes was gone.

Don, you've been a very important part of our life for the last 16 years, moved with us to Switzerland and I'm sure you'd a good life. You left this world now and you left a big gap, we miss you a lot, the atmosphere at home is not as it was before.

You will be always in our minds and hearts, you are gone but not forgotten! I miss you so much, big boy!

03/01/1999 - 04/08/2015

Here are some pictures of good times, that's how I will keep you in my memory.

A candle for my big boy in the Chapel of Westvleteren, I still thought you'll win the fight!