Monday, May 04, 2015

04/24 - Glenfarclas Whisky Dinner

Another year has passed by and it's again Whiskyfair in Limburg. After our experience from the last year with the disappointing BBQ event on Saturday we decided to join one of the festival dinners on Friday evening, in this case the Glenfarclas Whisky Dinner.

We left Switzerland in time to have a relaxed journey and spent some time in Limburg and the Villa Konthor before we attend the dinner... but the traffic was really horrible and due to this it took us again more than 7.5 hours for that trip. So it was a tight schedule after the arrival at the hotel and the walk to the city centre... just a quick beer to refresh and then downstairs in the cellar where the event took place.

The evening was started with the Glenfarclas Festival bottling 2000 - 2015, a nice starter but honestly the taste of alcohol was too strong for my liking, missing some balance...

The four course dinner was accompanied by the following cask samples
  • 2005
  • 1995
  • 1985
  • 1975
  • 1965
  • 1955
and music by Paddy Schmidt.

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The 2005 and the 1995 were some typical Glenfarclas with a lot of sherry but also some kinda unbalanced even though they've 20 or even 30 yo. I know that's complaining on a high level.

The 1985 was very unusual. Very light in color, the guess was that it's coming from a second or even third fill cask, and very fruity in the aroma. There was no sherry which covered it and even though this is unusual for Glenfarclas (I definitely wouldn't have recognized it in a blind tasting) it was was a very tasty whisky.

1975, 1965 and 1955 came back to the expection that you've for a Glenfarclas. Dark sherry color. Intensive notes of dried fruits, plums. The wood is getting more intensive with the older ones. The 1965 had the best combination of taste, balance and aftertaste and still had enough body... the 1955 was the best for me, very close with the 1965 before the 1985, but it's more fragile than the others. Due to the lower alcohol content the body wasn't so intensive as for the ones before but it still remaind on the palate for a while. All in all it was an excellent experience, I'm glad that we joined it!

After the dinner we joined the guys outside of the Villa and enjoyed some more beer and whisky with them... the 16yo. Laphroaig from Malts of Scotland with the smell of fruit salad was one of the most impressing drams that I had after that great dinner experience...