Monday, May 25, 2015

Romeo y Julieta Cedros de Luxe No.1 - a trip back to 1970's

During my recent trip through Belgium I met with Michel at the Cafe Trappisten in Westmalle where we enjoyed some good beers and cigars and spent a relaxing afternoon and evening... of course we also exchanged some cigars and Michel was kind enough to send me his review of the Romeo y Julieta Cedros de Luxe No. 1 from the 70s that I gave to him...

When visiting with my friend Heiko Blumentritt on his Tour of Belgium in April 2015, I received this interesting vitola, with a request to share my notes with him when I had the opportunity to smoke it. Of course I am happy to oblige :).

The Ashes

Size: Cervantes (42 x 165)
Smoking time: from 16:15 to - 18:00 - 1:45 of smoking pleasure
Location: Kortenhoef, The Netherlands

A cru

This cigar has a special appereance because of the Cedro (cedar) individual wrapper around it. There is no difference between the top and the body after cutting the ceder, indicating it has always been kept away from sunlight.
Color: A good colorado maduro wrapper, with some minor green and the one big vein indicating Corojo tobacco

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After lighting and cutting @ 16:35
Combustion and construction
I Lighted the cigar with the cap on, as to minimize combustion.
No harshness but it pays to purge, perfect construction, razor sharp burn and a firm draw.
As with all older cigars, the ash has a tendency to fall of the cigar, so pay attention!

Over 40 years old this cigar and still a potent but not strong taste- more mild to medium

1st third start 16:15 - A light and spicy cigar. It is quite enjoyable and different in taste from many others. Pepper and cedar are the baseline with cherry and stonefruit as accents.

White pepper - 3/5
Cedar - 3/5
Cherry - 1/5
Stone fruit - 1/5
A very enjoyable mix.

2nd third start 16:45 - Similar, stronger in general. It is clear that this part of the cigar has been better preserved and gives fuller flavours.
White pepper - 4/5
Cedar - 4/5
Cherry - 2/5
Stone fruit - 2/5
A very enjoyable mix.

3rd third start @ 17:15 - Strength picks up towards medium and some sweet hay notes come to the fore. A very enjoyable balanced and leisurely smoke.

White pepper - 4/5

Cedar - 4/5
Hay - 2/5
Cherry - 2/5
Stone fruit - 3/5

Fin @ 18:00
The finish is good and strong, after some more purging. Strong coffee, earth with some caramel taste.

Even after more than 40 years this cigar provides a very pleasant smoke, different from today's vitolas .
It has been a great pleasure to smoke this wonderful cigar, not a sledgehammer but more a refined afternoon smoke.

Verdict 8.75/10