Sunday, June 14, 2015

06/05 - 06/07 - Waldhaus Reloaded, Day 1

We all came out to the Waldhaus
On the Lake St. Moritz shoreline
To have smokes with some friends
We didn't have much time.

Deep Purple nailed it perfectly, even though I had to adapt the text a little bit. We met at the Waldhaus, smoked the hell out of it and had just about 2 days... and I'm sure that some of the small clouds over the lake came from us...

Before we, which means Michel and myself, started the trip to the herf location, we enjoyed some fingerlicking tasty spareribs at my home... smoking-wise I started with a '98 Ramon Allones 898 and continued with a '98 Bolivar Petit Corona...

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The ribs are in the smoke

Ramon Allones 898 from 1998 and a coffee for breakfast

The ribs were amazing

The ride was really smooth, not much traffic and the few trucks on the way to the Julierpass were easy to overtake, so we arrived at the Waldhaus am See around 2.30 pm as planned before. A quick check-in and then we moved outstide on the terrace to enjoy the sunshine with pleasant temperatures around 24 °C / 75 F, not too bad if you consider that this place is on an altitude of approx. 1800 m / 5900 ft. The Taboada 109 Custom Rolled was the perfect choice to enjoy the scenery while we're waiting for the others to arrive. This time it's the second time that we spent a weekend at this location.

Taboada 109 after the arrival at the Waldhaus

Picture perfect weather

Waldhaus am See

Smoking on the terrace

Around 5 pm everybody was here and we still enjoyed the sun on the terrace while smoking some cigars before we went inside for dinner. The food was tasty as always and the whisky afterwards was well deserved...

Regarding the whisky I put my focus on some distilleries that I had never before (or at least not very often), due to this the choice was a bit unusual for me... Clynelish (really good stuff), Glendronach (but not with that intensive sherry influence), Banff and some more...

Clynelish 18yo from Signatory

For the cigars we'd also an interesting concept for this herf: everybody brought a cigar for the other participants which means we all ended up with 12 cigars. The rules itself were very simple: the cigar must be a Cuban and has to be at least 5 years old. That's all.

The result was also interesting: most of the cigars were more or less the same size or at least in the same range. The only exceptions were the SLR Double Corona and the RyJ Piramides Anejados, all other were smaller RGs between 40 and 50. Nobody knew before what the other will bring, interesting to that we all seem to have a comparable preference.

The cigars were the following (in alphabetical order):
  • Bolivar Lonsdale (1999), Lonsdale
  • Hoyo de Monterrey Hoyo des Dieux (1994), Grand Corona
  • Juan Lopez Selection No. 2 (2001), Robusto
  • Montecristo No. 1 (2005), Lonsdale
  • Por Larranaga Lonsdale (2006), Lonsdale
  • Punch Super Selection Nr. 1 (2006), Grand Corona
  • Ramon Allones 898 (2002), Lonsdale
  • Romeo y Julieta Anejado (2008), Piramide
  • Romeo y Julieta Cazadores (1997), Lonsdale
  • Saint Luis Rey Double Corona (2002), Double Corona
  • Sancho Panza Molinos (2001), Lonsdale
  • Upmann Noellas from the glass jar (2009), Cosacos

6 of 12 of the cigars were Lonsdales, it seems that we all have a comparable opinion of a good sized cigar but sometimes it's a bit difficult to find the small one which fits the gap before dinner, going to bed etc.

My personal highlights of the cigars were the Hoyo des Dieux, the Ramon Allones 898 and the Sancho Panza Molinos. The others were also good cigars, but those had the certain extra... only one didn't convince and prove the impression I already had: Romeo y Julieta Anejado. I'm sure I will never like that cigar. No flavor, just a boring smoke. That's really a pity as I usually like the Romeos and this is an interesting size.

For the whiskys on the first evening I also had some nice surprises, the 22yo Glendronach from Old Malt Cask series was the most impressing...

A few of the shared boxes

The smoking panel for the weekend

Montecristo No. 1 and some Clynelish

Upmann Noellas and some Glendronach

A very tasty Sherry Cask Kilchoman

Here you can find the reports about the other days: