Thursday, June 18, 2015

06/05 - 06/07 - Waldhaus Reloaded, Day 2

I simply love this location, waking up and having a view like this, is just priceless! An extended breakfast earlier than expected and then I went outside for the first smoke of the day. While the sun was heating up the air quickly I fired up the Por Larranaga Lonsdale, Regional Edition for Germany from 2006... and it was the right cigar to start that fantastic day! Unfortunately it's not as good as the original PL Lonsdale was but it's a very good smoke anyhow... maybe it needs a few more years of aging but that's complaining on a high level.

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Gorgeous view on the lake

Por Larranaga Lonsdale ER Germany 2006

As I was really early this morning it took a while until the rest of the group finished breakfast and took a seat outside in the sun. This time well equipped with tons of sunscreen to avoid a repitition of what happened a few years ago on the Saentis... If you don't remember all the red heads, feel free to have a look here to see an example.

Even though the Devil's Place, which's the worlds biggest whisky bar, has a lot of open bottles of whisky, I decided to bring another bottle with me for sharing. The Russenschnaps from knocked it out of the park, what else can beat a Lagavulin coming outta a sherry cask...

Everybody's awake and smoking

Everybody's awake and smoking

Russenschnaps and Juan Lopez Selection No. 2

Later the group split in two parts: a few preferred to stay still in the area of the Waldhaus, go for a walk around the lake etc. while the others - including myself - took the chance for an excursion to Diavolezza to go uphill with the cable train. The destination is on an altitude of close to 3000 m / 9850 ft with some higher mountains surrounding it... we had no rain there (well, we left for the way back just in time) and the clouds were coming up when we arrived there but it was a very pleasant refreshment with the temperatures being around 12 °C / 54 F. The heavy thunderstorm which has been mentioned in the forecast showed us some impressing lightning across the sky, unfortunately the sky was too bright to take good pictures of it...


A walk in the snow

On the way to the mountain

Summit cigar

What a wonderful view

Back at the Waldhaus we met with the rest in the cigar lounge / whisky bar for some more cigars and drinks. As I said before I tried some of those whiskys I never tried before, so the next one in the glass was a Blair Athol from 1981. Cask Strength. And a really impressive whisky! I should keep my eyes open for those! I combined it with the Punch Super Selection No. 1 which was one of my first cigars ever I would called plugged. I have a very high tolerance for a tight draw but this one was very close to the limit to pitch it. But the flavors were really good therefore I tried to smoke it as long as possible... finally I nubbed it down after the draw improved a little bit.

Next cigar in line, the Sancho Panza Molinos. Within the last months I smoked a lot cigars of that brand and I was never disappointed, it's the same with this one. Honestly this one was among the best cigars I smoked over the whole weekend. It went well with the next whiskys, a 10yo Glen Grant and a 17yo Laphroaig bottled by Signatory. Time flew by and we changed the location to have our dinner.

Blair Athol 1981 and Punch Super Selection No. 1

Sancho Panza Molinos

Old school Glen Grant

Laphroaig 1996 from Signatory

The same dinner as last year? Well, the same dinner as every year. Cheese fondue. Ok, it was just the second time but this will be a tradition for further events there... the Saturday night cheese fondue dinner at least for Bernd and me... but 3 others joined us... it seems that we start to create a hype!

Due to the wedding which took place in the main restaurant dinner took a bit more time than usual but it wasn't to bad to have a forced break from smoking to recover the palate a little bit.

Cheese fondue

After the long dinner the lounge was bit crowded as some other guests watched the Champions League final but this didn't disturb us while smoking... but before they opened the windows completely they'd some issues to see the screen and follow the match because of the smoke...

I tried some more whiskys which have been a white spot on my whisky card until now, like a Glenury Royal (I remembered that I've a bottling of that distillery from the Whiskyfair) or a Glentauchers 1975 from Signatory. Finally I couldn't resist to end the evening with some peaty stuff which was a Laphroaig bottled for La Maison de Whisky... outstanding good!

Good conversations, cigars and whisky made the evening very diverting and so I went to bed again late...

Back to the lounge

Glenury Royal 1973

Glentauchers 1975 from Signatory

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