Friday, July 17, 2015

New cigars in a nutshell

In the meantime I was able to smoke some of those new cigars which hit the market earlier this year. There'll be no detailed review but just a brief description and my personal verdict. Not more, not less.

Partagas Series D No. 6

That's a tasty little bugger, like a D4 slightly on steroids. A very good smoke but definitely too short for my liking. When having a look on the price I have to say that I prefer a good D4 over those. Smoking time was approx. 40 minutes.

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Trinidad Vigia

I really like the Trinidad brand and even though I prefer the ones with the smaller RG like the Reyes or Fundadores, the Robusto Extra or the T are very good cigars. This one, short and fat acc. to the latest trends, is a washout imho. No taste, no development, just boring. I'll leave it on the shelves for sure. Smoking time was approx. 60 minutes.

Romeo y Julieta Piramide Añejado

Maybe this cigar is in its sick period or maybe that's just another excuse for a boring cigar. With the Cazadores and the Churchill being among my favorites and really loving the EL from 2005, the Petit Piramde, this one is another disappointment. Another one I can cross off the "to-buy-list". Smoking time was approx. 100 minutes. Coincidentially I came into the situation to smoke two more of those and they both confirmed my first impression.

Montecristo Churchill Añejado

High expectations for this one. Montecristo is one of the brands that I usually always like and luckily this one didn't disappoint. Of course I have (positive) prejudices but this cigar is on the spot for me... I also got some hints of the typical vintage flavor. Nice size of one of my favorite brands, I give this definitely a go. Plus some more years of aging! Smoking time was approx. 120 minutes. The second and third smoke of those confirmed for me that those are definitely worth buying.

Montecristo Media Corona

Another Montecristo which is just available since a short time here in Switzerland. After the Upmann it's now the second Half Corona. The cigar was surprise for me, a positive surprise. The flavor profile is not typical Montecristo in regards of the line from No. 1 to 5, it's more like the Edmundo, Petit Edmundo... Relatively mild in the beginning until half of the smoke, then it picked up a little bit more strength. The smoke is very creamy and the aromas are very intensive. All in all a very good smoke.