Sunday, July 05, 2015

06/24 - The Titans are still alive

It's been a while since our last smoke... a long time... too long! But now we're back and of course we smoked another great cigar! This time nothing old and crusty but something more than brand new because this cigars is not officially released yet on the market, the Montecristo Aniversario 80 with a RG of 55 and a length of 165 mm / 6.5".

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Usually I'm not a big fan of those sizes but let's see if those are better than I expect them to be. The good thing of having no high expections is that you cannot be disappointed, there can only be a positive surprise...

As always you can read the detailed impressions of the smoke on, here's just a brief summary. The cigar was surprise for me, a positive surprise. The flavor profile is not typical Montecristo in regards of the line from No. 1 to 5, it's more like the Edmundo, Petit Edmundo... Relatively mild in the beginning until half of the smoke, then it picked up a little bit more strength. The smoke is very creamy and the aromas are very intensive. All in all a very good smoke. As you can see on one of the following pictures I'd some issues with the wrapper (I damaged it while trying to cut that monster), therefore I smoked the last third without the wrapper...

Smoking it without the wrapper

During the smoke we also had some dinner, the restaurant next door changed the owner a while ago. It's an American Diner now serving some really tasty burgers... if you're in the area you should definitely give it a try!

Tasty burger from Roxy Bar

Additionally Urs gave us the Montecristo Media Corona which just arrived those days, Half Corona sized, the perfect size to enjoy it with an Espresso. The flavor profile was close to the Aniversario 80, of course it was more intensive because of the size. Another good cigar which'll definitely find its way in my humidor.