Wednesday, August 19, 2015

08/14 - Cigars in the village

The trip to Woerrstadt can sometimes be a really horrible and long drive with all the roadworks and resulting traffic jams.... therefore I started early this time to avoid the rush hours on Friday. Knowing that I should definitely arrive earlier, I arranged with Gabriel that we would meet in the patio of the Cafe Fritz to enjoy a little selection of Swiss craftbeer. Due to his also early arrival Alexander joined us too, Gabriel brought some rolls and sausages that we didn't have to drink all that beer on an empty stomach.

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The beers, all from Switzerland, were the following:
  • UG Chriesi, a Cherry Ale
  • Bierfactory Absent, an IPA with Alp herbs
  • Bierfactory Old H, an Imperial Honey Ale
  • Bierfactory Bombastus, an India Black Ale
  • Bad Attitude Daughter of the Ashes, a Smoked Double IPA
  • Bierfactory XXA, an Imperial IPA
  • Bierfactory Vladibeer, a Russian Imperial Stout
  • Pilgrim IPA, a classic IPA from a brandnew monastery brewery

During our very interesting tasting some more of the guests joined us while they arrived and brought their luggage to the rooms and so it was no big deal to empty all the bottles I've brought with me. It's good to see that everybody liked the beers, beers which've been also outside their usual standard.

We moved to the next door to join the first people sitting already in the pharmacy's patio... it's every time like coming home and meeting a big bunch of friends. With guests from all over Germany... from Hamburg in the North to Berlin in the East... Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy it's again a very multicultural group and believe the we again had lots of fun...

Some interesting cigars on my smoking schedule also this time, here's just an excerpt:
  • Taboada 109 Custom Rolled from 2002
  • Punch Platinos ER India 2009
  • Diplomaticos No. 7 from the 70s
  • Quai d'Orsay Panetelala from 2005
  • Partagas 109 from the 165 anniversary humidor
  • Montecristo Robusto EL 2000
  • ....

The traditional summerfest of the Cigar Cult Club took again place on the day after but this year I didn't join and was on the way home in the early hours of Saturday morning...