Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Punch Exquisitos 1986

The cellophane is strongly discolored, oily, the cigars seem to have sweatend very much in its clothing....

It's the correct match to a big cup of coffee on Sunday afternoon and so I removed the cigar after 22 years in the box out of the cellophane. The taste of the first draws after cutting were very reserved but they changed than to cheese (like Appenzeller) and smoked ham notes how you maybe know it from spicy tasting cheese (it's hard to describe it with other words). These impressions change by the time to very distinctive earthiness and at the end to a taste of fresh roasted coffee.

On the whole it was a powerful smoke, more powerful than expected due to the age of the cigar. Draw and burning was perfect all the time.

This cigar shows that also machine cigars deserve some attention...

Conclusion: delicate, "danger" of repetition!