Sunday, September 27, 2015

A long row of Longrows

Another whisky tasting in the Griffins Business Lounge is coming closer and therefore I put some Longrows in a long row for my pre-tasting. The order is going from the youngest to the oldest but with the Peated, which has no age, being the most peaty of the range, I put this one at the end to avoid an overloading of the palate with too much peat in the very beginning.

After the tasting I was pretty sure about the cigar to be combined with it but I also asked the question what people would combine with it. It's interesting too see that the feedback was unisono for all answers (and it matched completely with my personal impression): Magnum 46 is a very good choice to go with it.

BTW: I saw that Serge at Whiskyfun used the same header earlier this year, but in this case it's some kinda coincidence that I also used it.... it's an obvious pun that comes along with the name of the whisky. He'd 5 whiskys, I'd 6... so who had the longer row?


Nose: hints of orange, lavender, honey, decent peat

Taste: pleasant sweetness (honey?), peat, fruity notes of grapefruit and orange

Aftertaste: Pepper and orange

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Red, Shiraz Casks, 11yo.

Nose: Wine cellar, walnut, oak wood, decent smokiness, balsamico vinegar

Taste: tannins and grapes oviously coming from the wine, intensive peppery aroma, blood orange, ginger, wood

Aftertaste: Peppery, long and warming with a touch of peat

Rundlets & Kilderkins, 11yo.

Nose: smoke, redwine(?). pine, hints of tar

Taste: Sweet with tropical fruits, pepper, earthy, vanilla, burnt wood

Aftertaste: Smoke and tar with an intensive touch of pepper


Nose: decent aroma of peat, cold smoke, apple, lemon

Taste: hints of sour notes, pickled cucumber(?), smoke and peat, woody aroma, getting medicinal, decent saltiness

Aftertaste: Long lasting with a mixture of smoke and some salt


Nose: Fruitiness, soot, citrus(?), seaweed, minerally, tobacco

Taste: fruity with apple and papaya, limestone, oily, walnut, some pepper, vanilla

Aftertaste: Long with peat and ashes

Peated, no age

Nose: Decent smokiness, minerally, limestone, fresh

Taste: Hints of tropical fruits, limestone, white pepper, salt, seaweed, tobacco

Aftertaste: Long with a minerally touch and some peat