Monday, September 14, 2015

09/06 - Where the amber nectar flows

Last year the patio of the castle Rapperswil was overcrowded with people and the organizers decided to limit the no. of entries for this year's festival. I'm sure that's a good decision to make it a little bit easier to get access to the stands of the different breweries and to make it more convenient for the visitors.

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27 breweries, 52 beers... not too bad! Here's an extract of the beers I tried:
  • Bierfactory/UG Braeu Hymn Bier, a Sour Ale with Raspberries
  • Bad Attitude Ego, an Ale fermented with grapes
  • Bierfactory Gikinger, a Red Session Ale with ginger
  • Storm & Anchor Saison Rouge, a Red Saison
  • BFM √225 saison Rhubarbe de Papa Péan (2014), another Saison
  • BFM Abbaye Saint Bon Chien Grand Cru, a Barrel Aged Sour
  • Barfuss Brauerei Sleeping Bear, an Amber Ale
  • Doppelleu Brauwerkstatt Single Hop Black Ale, a Black IPA
  • Officina della Birra SA Kremlin, a Russian Imperial Stout
  • La Nebuleuse Malt Capone, a Robust Porter
  • Echec & Malt Brewery Dulce Fuego, an Imperial Stout with cacao and chipotle
  • Storm & Anchor Beast Double IPA
  • Bierzunft Wehntal DIPA, an Imperial IPA with more than 100 IBU

As you can see this time I had a good bunch of sour beers and they're all really good but also the Stouts and IPAs were a good choice. Obviously I made my choice really carefully as there was no beer in my glass that I really disliked.

As always people ask you at the end of the day: what was the best beer you had? Difficult question and I don't want to narrow it down to just one but let me pick out one of each style:
  • BFM Abbaye Saint Bon Chien Grand Cru in the category "Sour" (closely followed by Hymn Bier from Bierfactory/UG Braeu)
  • Echec & Malt Brewery Dulce Fuego in the category "Stout"
  • Storm & Anchor Beast Double IPA in the category "IPA"

Additionally there were also the tastings... beer and cheese or beer and chocolate. Last year I decided for the cheese and I heard good things about the combination with chocolate therefore this time I went with the chocolate. The combos of beer and chocolate were all very interesting and worked fantastic.... but: the chocolate from Felchin was really outstanding, the beers were are very "exotic". Out of the 5 served beers I would only drink two of them without the chocolate which was the Gikiginger of Bierfactory and a Barley Wine of which I don't remember the name anymore. I think it's more difficult to find the matches for beer and chocolate but for the next time my choice will be again cheese and beer...

After attending the festival in 2014 together with Michel our group was bigger this time as some more of our friends joined us. We also met some of the guys that with whom we'd a lot of fun last year and we also met some new guys. It's the same as with all other kind of festivals: it's always the same crazy bunch of guys who join, so we'll see each other again next year for sure.