Monday, September 07, 2015

08/28 - Drink local, smoke Cuban

Usually drinking local (beer) for me means to enjoy a cold Sonnenbräu Lager but in this case we are talking about another brewery in our area which is also still a private brewery, Schützengarten.

The guys from the brewery brought a range of 4 of their beers for us to enjoy them with some nice cigars which've been selected by Portmann Tabakwaren:
  • Weisser Engel, Hefeweizen
  • Klosterbraeu, Euro Pale Lager
  • Schwarzer Baer, Munich Dunkel Lager
  • Gallus 612, Old Ale
The first cigar was one from the Dominican Rebublic (I didn't smoke it and already forgot the name) but I enjoyed a Diplomaticos Bushido ER Asia Pacific 2014 with the first two beers, the second one's a Por Larranaga Picadores.

Enough said. I hope you enjoy the pictures of the evening and my brief description of the beers we had, all explained and added with some more background information by Richard Wüst, beer sommelier of the Schützengarten brewery.

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Weisser Engel, Hefeweizen

An intensive smell bananas first, later some yeast and lemons. The taste is some kinda sweet-sourish flavor and very smooth and creamy in the mouth. The banana aroma is very present and lingers long in the mouth during the finish. A good starter and a good beer to go with a cigar.

Klosterbraeu, Euro Pale Lager

Roasted malt and some herbs are the dominating aromas in the nose. In the mouth the same aromas are present: roasty malt, some herbs, cereals... all added by a very decent hoppiness but all in all it's lacking some body. The finish is surprisingly long with a pleasant touch of bitterness. A good beer but not so much my liking.

Schwarzer Baer, Munich Dunkel Lager

It's getting darker now... caramel malt, hints of nuts without being too sweet. Very creamy in the mouth with flavors of dark roasted malt, bread, plums... very pleasant and refreshing with a medium finish. A good company for the first half of this well smoking Picadores.

Gallus 612, Old Ale

Hops, fruit and berries in the nose. Big surprise: junipers have been used in that brew. Maybe that's it what makes the taste so specific... Hoppy notes paired with red berries, roasted coffee, pleasant to drink and very good with the cigar. A good balance to some of the bitter aromas during the second half of this young cigar.