Monday, October 05, 2015

09/13 - 09/27 - 14 years later

Back to Meerufenfushi. Back to paradise. Exactly 14 years after our honeymoon, that we spent on this lovely island in the North Male Atoll, we came back. I remember the first time very good as our flight was two days after those horrible terroristic attacks on 09/11/2001, I guess it was safest flight I ever had in my life... numerous security checks you'd to pass until you could enter the plane... and everybody being nervous up to the tips of their hairs.

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Now we are coming back and in the meantime the upgraded the hotel on the island from a 3 star to a 4 star resort, mainly caused by the reconstruction work they'd to do after the Tsunami in 2004. After a relaxed 10 hours flight with a stop in Dubai where I could do some shopping, we arrived on Male airport in the early morning where we took a speed boat to reach our final destination.

One of the changes they made is that they added a bunch of Jaccuzzi Water Villas, one of those was our home for the next 2 weeks. Being on the sunset side of the gangplank we'd the chance to enjoy some awesome sunsets directly from our deck and also had an amazing view on the Indian Ocean directly from our bed... what else to ask for!

Food was really excellent and how can a day start better than with a view like that. Breakfast on the terrace of the restaurant,close to the beach just a view meters away from the water...

All meals were served as buffet (the restaurant in the North was for adults only) but you also have the choice to have dinner at two or three other locations. For us the variety and quality of the food was good enough that we didn't take this option.

The island itself changed a lot since we visited it more than a decade ago but imho it's really a positive change. The new water villas are definitely a very good option and there is still a big part of the island which is natural. It's a place where I could come again in the future for sure.