Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Going on a pilgrimage

The destination of this excursion a while ago was Kloster Fischingen in the cantone Thurgau. But it's not only a monastery, it's also the first and only monastery brewery in Switzerland... with a very nice range of special beers. It's just 40 minutes away from here by car, a very good chance to go there for some tasting on Fridays and Saturdays...

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After trying their really tasty Cherry Ale (which I ordered online), I was very curious for the IPA and also the other 4 abbey beers like the Triple Blanche, Triple Blond, Triple Ambrée and Triple Noire. The good thing is that you try all that stuff directly at the brewery, so you know what to buy... or not... but before we started with the tasting we're showed around a little bit. 

The Ambrée was sold out at the time of my visit, therefore I only had the chance to taste the other three... not really convinced by the Blond, I definitely liked the Blanche and the Noire of which I took a few Magnum bottles with me, I'm sure that at least the Noire will take a nap in my cellar. The IPA also didn't disappoint: notes of grapefruit and citrus in the nose, a hoppy but not too intensive taste in the mouth with a good balanced flavor profile which's not overpowered by the hops. Well done guys!

It's planned to have an event with the release of a new beer maybe 3 or 4 times per year, those'll be definitely on my schedule for the future. There's a plan to brew a so called Grand Cru which should be released in 2016, a beer which can be stored for several years like their Belgian paragons.

For me it'll be interesting to see the development of the Noire because it reminds me a little bit of the Rochefort 8, a beer which's definitely getting better and more complex with a few years of age on it. The philosophy about aging beer may be different, many people agree that the beer is changing but it's getting milder on the other hand... in my opinion it can reach a higher level of complexity (I'd Chimay Bleue from the mid 90s which're simply amazing). Of course they change, they change their character and the taste but that's also an interesting development.