Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cheers Archie!

On the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month people have the chance to buy and pick up their beer directly at the brewery. Last Saturday I took the chance for another visit. I've made a reservation for their new Pumpkin Ale already and wanted to pick it up, as well as a box of the Hymn-Bier which they've brewed in cooperation with UG Bräu. Urs, the guy behind UG, hooked me up with his cherry beer that I enjoyed a lot during the hot days in summer.

On this Saturday Katie, brewer at the Bierfactory, and Gabriel were there to pour out some of the last rest of their Pumpkin Ale, to hand out orders and chat with the people. When I arrived, the (last) palette of Archie was still filled but when I was back home I heard that they're sold out... even though the no. of bottles per customer've been limited to maximum one box (of 12 bottles).

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I really liked Happy Jack, the Pumpkin Ale, they'd brewed last year. 24 g of pumpkin mash have been used for 1 L of beer, a much higher concentration than last year... and the difference was definitely obvious. Happy Jack was surprisingly creamy (unfortunately I only had two bottles last year from a sample pack) and the taste of pumpkin was very reserved. This year the pumpkin aroma was present from the first sip... wow! The spices they used were the same as last year but due to the higher pumpkin content the flavor profile also changed to a more spicy beer! Good stuff fresh from the tap!

Another new beer which is just waiting for the final pricing (and some more rest) before it can be sold is the brand new "Nein Finger", a Chocolate Porter. Katie had a sample in a glass where we could take a nose of it and the smell is really incredible. My reservation is made, I'm just waiting for the pick-up-call!

At home I couldn't resist to open a bottle of Archie and enjoy it.... my impressions that I'd with the one from the tap were confirmed: good aroma of pumpkin added by some well balanced spicy notes. With the low IBU level it's easy to drink, not to sweet, not too bitter, just well balanced. I can imagine that it'll go good with a cigar like the Vegas Robaina Famosos or Familiares...