Wednesday, November 18, 2015

11/13 - Big bottles, big smokes

The last pharmacy smoke on a Friday for this year... another good occasion for me to join and to smoke with friends.

But before I arrived at the pharmacy, I dropped my wife at a friend's place and made another stop in Darmstadt where I wanted to eat a spicy currywurst. Not just any but the one from "Best Worscht in Town", well known from his origins in Frankfurt this one is now also available in other places...

The level of spiciness is indicated on a scale from A (beinng not spicy up to F which is equivalent to 1.2 million Scoville). As I already know my limit in regards of hot sauces I decided for E (approx. 666000 Scoville) and after some discussions back and forth I received my sausage... It was good... hot and spicy for sure but not too much for my palate! If you like that kinda stuff, you should spend Best Worscht a visit.

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For the pharmacy itself I took some bottles of the Pilgrim beer with me, Magnum sized bottles... the Triple Blanche and the Noir. Both excellent beers which go well with a cigar. There's a lot of food as most of the time, again we'd some traditional canned coldmeat from the area... bratwurst, liver sausage, headcheese and bologna... as well as fresh bread and some other sides.

We enjoyed the Triple Blanche before the food, a nice appetizer which's comparable to a good Belgian Triple and had the Noir a bit later... for me the Noir is comparable to the Rochefort 6 or maybe the 8, just a little bit less alcohol. It'll be interesting to see the development of those beers in the bottle over the next years... As I wrote in the headline it's not only the evening of the big bottles but also of big cigars as I smoked an excellent Punch Platinos ER India 2009 and the Upmann Magnum 56 with a ring of 56. Big in size but small in taste, one of those cigars you won't remember and forget immediately.

On Saturday I spent a visit to the Rauchkultur Seiler to smoke upstairs in the lounge with some friends from the local area... a fantastic way to spend the morning after the long evening in the pharmacy.