Monday, November 30, 2015

11/27 - Whisky and... beef ragout

It was about time to have our whisky dinner that we arrange within a group of three friends, each time at the home of one of us. This time it's Alex' turn and as he moved to a new house just a few weeks ago, it was the first happening at this new home.

The line-up for the evening was really exlusive: two old Glen Grants (1957 and 1970), a 20yo. Glenlivet from 1965, a 1969 Longmorn, a 1989 Bowmore, 30 yo. Bowmore from Waldhaus am See, a 1983 Port Ellen and another 31 yo. Caol Ila bottled by Silver Seal.

As a first appetizer we started with an interesting Dark Ale from Scotland brewed by the Orkney Brewery. The smell is dominated by fruits like figs, caramel, vanilla and of course whisky. Addtionally to those flavors some malty aromas, added by coffee and wood hit the taste buds. Very good beer, a perfect starter for the evening.

The menu was as follows:
  • Salad with bacon dressing

  • Beef ragout and homemade spaetzle
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  • Espresso and some whisky chocolates

  • Orange soufflé

  • Cheese (obviously I forgot to take a picture of that)

As always the food was top notch and the whiskys defnitely spoke for themselves. It's not an everyday line-up that we'd in front of us but it proofed again why it's a good decision to make evenings like that. A great evening which will be continued with another meeting in 2016, taking place at my home. I already have an idea for the food, I'm sure it'll be no BBQ but also a really tasty thing that all of us three know from another location. Let's see if I can fulfill the expectations...