Thursday, November 12, 2015

10/30 - The long Longrow row

Longrow, closed more than a century ago but revived by Springbank approx. 40 years ago and now the topic of our XIII. tasting event. Springbank also uses old parts of that distillery, the Springbank bottling hall is located in a former Longrow warehouse.

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Former Longrow warehouse / actual Springbank bottling hall

The range of the whiskys which have been tasted is as follows:
  • 10yo., 100 Proof
  • 11yo., Rundlets & Kilderkins
  • 11yo., Red 2013 (Shiraz Cask)
  • 14yo.
  • 18yo.
  • Peated

The Peated is the youngest in the range, so it should have been at the beginning but I decided to put it at the end due to the high peat level. The others are peaty too but I wanted to avoid to overpower the palates with too much peat in the very beginning.

As always Urs asked me for a cigar to pair with the whisky and I decided for an Upmann Magnum 46. For me that's the best combo with Longrow, I enjoyed it several times and was never disappointed. We smoked a Magnum 46 from 2006 out of a 50 ct cabinet, an amazing cigar!

This time we're again a small group, just 8 people but for me it's one of the most interesting evenings we had... don't forget that this was the 13th event... usually more or less all have been of the same opinion regarding the whisky, which one's the "best" etc... but this time it's different: many interesting discussions, preferring this or that and so on... Independently of all discussion we'd the same opinion of the cigar: it smoked very well, was excellent in taste and - even though everybody had different favorites among the range of Longrows - agreed that it matches absolutely perfect with the whisky. I'm really happy that this combo worked out so great!

Thx to all participants, especially those ones who took the long ride from Germany just for the tasting, I enjoyed the evening a lot... stay tuned for the next upcoming event in 2016.