Tuesday, January 12, 2016

All Blacks

For those who thought that they can read something about Rugby... I've to disappoint you! The topic of this report will be the latest release of the Pilgrim Grand Cru 2015, an Imperial Russian Stout, which's color is really black!

I visited the new brewery, which started into the business back in April, a while ago for the first time and was really positively surprised about the quality of their stuff. When I heard that their first Grand Cru will be an Imperial Russian Stout I immediately placed my reservation for a few bottles... hrmm.. maybe a bit more than a few. 16 % of alcohol, bottled in 75 cl bottles (Imperial), closed with a natural cork. The perfect setting for a long-time-storage.

I picked up my bottles back in December during the event which's held for the release of their new Winterbier. The list of reservations was long and during my visit I heard that the brewed batch of the first Grand Cru is already sold out.

Of course I couldn't resist and I'd to open a bottle and try it before I took the rest downstairs in the cellar for a long rest. I'm sure that it'll some years before the next of those will be opened. The color is black. An intensive aroma aroma of dark roasted coffee and chocolate hits the nose and that's the first impression you also have in the mouth. Thick and creamy, you would like to chew it. Malty sweetness, strong espresso with a bite of chocolate... with a strong base of 16 % of alcohol in the background. Very tasty now but even more complex in a few years...

It's a beer which's predestinated to accompany a strong and flavorful cigar. The second half of the bottle that I drank the next day, I combined with a Bolivar Belicosos Finos and I was really impressed by the intensivation of the aromas. The earthy notes of the cigar went very well with the malty sweetness, coffee and chocolate in both partners multiplied and made the flavor experience even more impressing!

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