Thursday, January 21, 2016

Taste the peat

It's already 6 years ago that I started those wisky tasting events in the lounge in Kreuzlingen... meanwhile it's getting harder and harder to find some interesting whiskys which are worth to be considered for this group. Especially based on the fact that all those whiskys come from my private collection and are always made available for a reasonable price, based on what I paid for each bottle.

But I found some more bottles, let's see how they taste and how the people will like them.

Let's start with a Bruichladdich 10 yo. bottled in the 70s (we already had a comparable one but this one is also another bottling).

Nose: fresh and maritime, grain, hints of porridge, honey

Taste: intensive taste of grains, cereals, malt, caramel

Aftertaste: not too long with some salt

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The next one, another Bruichladdich Golder Still, distilled in 1984 (there's also a Blacker and Redder Still, but unfortunately I never had the chance to try those).

Nose: honey, cereals, almonds, a touch of wood

Taste: tangy, orange zest, vanilla, malt, cereals, nutmeg

Aftertaste: malty notes with a touch of peat

Bowmore is the next in the row, 16yo. (1996 - 2012), bottled by the SSMC but in this case with a custom made label.

Nose:  Hints of honey, smoke, sea water

Taste: Seaweed, salt, nutmeg, spices, pepper

Aftertaste: Long finish with peat and spices

It's getting a bit more peaty now, even though this is a more refined Caol Ila, not a fist in the face. Distilled in 1984 (and bottled in 1996) for G&M Italy

Nose:  peat, fresh apple, cinnamon

Taste: peat, pepper, apple pie and some fresh fruit

Aftertaste: medium finish with a dry touch

Young, wild and peaty: Laphroaig 2006 - 2012, bottled  by the SSMC but in this case with a custom made label.
    Nose: Peat smoke

    Taste: Salt, seaweed, medical, young

    Aftertaste: peat with a salty touch

    The last one of the range and definitely the most peaty one: Port Charlotte Local Barley, no age but for sure a lot of Islay flavor!
      Nose: Sweet peat, smoke, cereals, apples, a bit of an ashy note

      Taste: intensive peat and BBQ smoke flavor, oak wood, some vanilla and honey. cereals, salt, grapefruit

      Aftertaste: Long finish, smoked spices, some oak, peat